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Who are we?

Solid Group Metal (SGM)
isisan aluminum production and manufacturing company founded by an experienced team in 2022. Despite being a newly established company, its founders and team possess extensive expertise in the aluminum production and manufacturing sector. Leveraging their accumulated knowledge from past years, the company has quickly become a recognized and trusted player in the domestic market for billet and profile production. Additionally, it has ventured into foreign markets through export activities, reaching three different countries.
Aligned with its future vision and committed team, the company aims to expand its international business volume by prioritizing high customer satisfaction and loyalty through quality standards and competitive pricing.


SGM's head office is located in Ankara also there is a production facility in Ankara and an office in Istanbul

Team Meeting

Our Mission

To follow the developments in the aluminum industry all over the world and to understand the needs of our customers, to meet them rapidly with high quality and affordable prices. To always deliver the best and the same quality products to our customers on time.

our vision

To be a well-known, trusted and preferred brand in the world market with our products at the best standards.

Our Values


To follow the innovations all over the world closely in a constant state of curiosity.


To produce products of perfect quality in all our works. Working with the same meticulousness and enthusiasm in every production

Work ethic

To be a supplier that is always appreciated by its clients, without compromising its ethical principles at all times and under all circumstances.


Starting work by experiencing the love and excitement of the first day in the same way every day

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